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About Us

Do you feel intimidated by a new piece of software or equipment? Do you wish you could accelerate your learning in a specific area?

Ritz/Wolf Camera has the answer you’ve been looking for. We will help you get a jump start and make your equipment work for you!

If you have a new camera or new lighting equipment that you don’t feel you are using to its potential, we can help you unlock its secrets so that you are capturing your life’s most important memories the way you want to.

If you have a piece of imaging software that you know can do more, we will help you find the shortcuts and important knowledge that will get you on the road to success in short order!

Our Photo Patrol consultants will help you learn the information – - at your place or ours! They’ll teach you the techniques and processes at your pace so that you really learn the things you need to know.

For our specialists, it’s not just their hobby, it’s their vocation! They learn all of the latest gear and technological advancements so you don’t have to.

Check our consultation topics page. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact your local store and we can create a personalized training session just for you!