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Success with digital cameras begins with an understanding of the fundamentals.
The Core-4 Photo Patrol classes are designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the principals of digital photography that apply to all cameras. (Class tickets are included with camera purchase or can be purchased separately.)

1. Get started with general camera operation and learn the important basics of the digital image.
2. Take better pictures! Avoid common mistakes and use proven picture taking techniques.
3. Learn how, a by understanding the main properties of light, you can dramatically improve your photographs.
4. Understand exposure to get out of automatic and fully utilize the creative capabilities of your camera.

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CLASS DESCRIPTIONS – Printer Friendly Version

1. Digital Imaging Basics
Success with digital cameras begins with an understanding of the fundamentals. First, some camera operation basics that are universal to all cameras and how to get started using the automatic exposure modes. Then, the importance of aspect ratio to print sizes, understanding image size in pixels, JPEG image compression qualities, print resolution, file formats, and file size. All are important factors that affect the display quality, editing possibilities, and storage aspects of the digital image.

2. Capturing Composition
Got the basics of digital images? Come learn the essential photographic principles that will improve your photography skills, no matter what type of camera you use. Included topics: camera handling techniques, creative lens use, focusing tips, artistic compositional elements, and some tips on using the built-in flash.

3. Light Inside & Out
Discover what the pros know! Main topics include are the importance of understanding the primary characteristics of photographic light ; Direction, Quality, and Temperature and when to calibrate white balance. Come learn how to take advantage of available light and when to use light modifiers in any photographic situation. Then, some quick tips on using your auxiliary flash more effectively.

4. Understanding Exposure
Unlock the full potential of your camera by understanding the “out of automatic” exposure modes. Learn how to adjust the Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO so you can change the creative properties of your image! Then, learn how your camera’s light metering system works and how light metering overrides can improve exposure.

Class schedules are available in PDF format for the following areas:

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(Winter/Spring 2014) Homewood

(Winter/Spring 2014) Atlanta

(Winter/Spring 2014) Bethesda
(Winter/Spring 2014) Towson

(Winter/Spring 2014) Portland

(Winter/Spring 2014) Dallas
(Winter/Spring 2014) Plano

(Winter/Spring 2014) Salt Lake City

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