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Advanced Camera Training

You know the basics. You know what’s in the box. Maybe you’ve been shooting for a long time, but you are stuck in “Program” mode. It’s time to go outside the box! Our Photo Patrol Consultants will help you explore the limits of your camera’s ability and unlock the secrets of:

  • Corrective / Custom White Balance (why “Auto White Balance” isn’t always white)
  • Exposure Compensation & Bracketing (why your camera’s automatic metering system can be wrong)
  • Utilizing your camera’s manual exposure & metering modes (how to fully control your camera and your image, and why a histogram is your best friend)
  • Controlling Depth of Field (how to control image sharpness)

Our Photo Patrol Consultant will tailor a customized, one-on-one consultation around your specific needs to help you bring your photography skills to the next level.