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Basic Camera Training

The first step towards taking better pictures begins with knowing the basics. Our Basic Camera Training is customized to your specific needs on your specific camera; whatever your skill level. You tell us what you want to learn and we will teach you. It’s just that simple!

New to Digital Photography? Our Photo Patrol Consultants understand that today’s camera menus and settings can be a bit overwhelming. They are experts in guiding you through a camera’s menu, using plain English and easy-to-understand terms. We can help you setup your camera (whether it’s new or old), and explain the hows and whys of your camera’s settings.

Not getting the shot you want? When the perfect shot comes along, it can be frustrating to not know why it didn’t turn out. We can help! Our consultants can review your images and your camera with you to help you understand shutter speed, aperture, ISO settings and more.

An important photo event coming up? Does your child have an important game or event coming up? Our consultants can meet you at the field or venue before the event or even the day of the event to guide you through the important menu settings of your camera to help you get the best images possible. Do you have a vacation or tropical cruise coming soon? We can help you prepare by reviewing your camera settings, accessories, cleaning and storing your camera, even lighting & weather conditions that can affect your pictures.